“You think you’re special? You’re not. Everyone’s the same. Everyone lies, everyone hides things; no one makes it through this life being completely honest. I bet you’ve got a couple of juicy secrets you wouldn’t tell your best friend. So explain this: how come it’s okay for you to have secrets, but not your parents? You wanna know what my thoughts are on this? I think if you’re having an affair, or if your spouse knows, at times you still laugh at the same dumb jokes. You keep eating the same sweet stew. You just keep going. Do you see? Whatever problems they had, they’re just a big ‘ol stain on the pavement now. Everyone’s the same. No exceptions. All of them, equal before God.” ~Izaya Orihara, from Durarara!!

Honestly, this quote is very self-explanatory. Anything I’ve tried to write—about hypocrisy, about relative morality, about the act of just trying, about the realities of living life and what they mean for how people act and react to things—in an attempt to distill the essence of what’s being said just ends up being a less eloquent, scattered, piecemeal reiteration of the quote itself. It’s filled to the brim with its own essence.

It’s entirely possible that I’ll change this in the future if I think of something worthwhile to say about the quote, but at this point I really think that all I might be able to contribute is to point out that the phrase, “You just keep going” is at the heart of the meaning of Izaya’s words here. The whole thing really hits home its own meaning wonderfully. The funny thing is that the quote isn’t even some profound or deep thing. It just really, effectively gets at the essence of some basic, simple, yet too-often unstated truths about life.


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