Satsuki: “A castle that vanishes at the first gust of wind is worthless. Don’t you agree, Nonon?”

Nonon: “But all buildings fall down eventually!”

Satsuki: “Then you should build it inside your mind! A skyscraper built within your mind will never fall down.”

~Satsuki Kiryuuin and Nonon Jakuzure, from Kill la Kill

As silly as this quote is on the surface, it has a lot of importance for peoples’ lives, especially in today’s world. Simply put, it’s about goals. It’s about having something you want to achieve and are passionate about that keeps you motivated to work toward that goal. “A skyscraper within your mind” is the goal. It “will never fall down” as long as you feel strongly about reaching that goal. Our minds are our own to mold as we wish. Through our choices and how we think about things and orient our thoughts, we can mold our minds in ways that allow us to achieve our potential and reach our goals in life.

The reason this is important in today’s world is because of all the expectations society places on us. Metaphorically speaking, we can easily be swept away by the current of society, never being able to do more than keep our heads above the water. We can’t get a good sense of our bearings while we’re at the mercy of the current, so we keep getting swept along by it, oftentimes sacrificing our dreams and ambitions in the process. Having a strongly held goal gives you the motivation and energy to swim, so to speak, which gives you the opportunity to get and keep your bearings, to start doing things on your terms. Those things could take you down the exact same path that the current would have carried you along, but having some modicum of control makes a huge difference in how you live while traveling down that path. How we use or don’t use our minds is just as important as whether or not we use them at all.


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